Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday (written on Friday)

I actually did try to post yesterday, but there was an error #!&*# and everything was lost. :-(

I started out the day with a 2-hour stint at the EV as a greeter, my favorite role there because it puts me right in the path of webheads and others entering the room.  I get to reconnect with a lot of people that way. After that I came back to the hotel (happily just 3 minutes' walk from the Convention Center) to pick up Dennis' beautiful red roses.  I took the roses, in their box, back to the CC just in time for Evelyn Izquierdo's presentation on "Powerful Web 2.0 Tools for the ELT Classroom"--only Evelyn was not there! Jane Petring and I waited for a while and then went down the hall to see fellow webhead Laine Marshall present "Designing Successful Projects for ELLS with Limited/Interrupted Education". When that was finished I checked back at Evelyn's room to find that she had arrived and was giving her presentation as best she could with a frozen computer (Murphy's Law)! It was the first time for me to meet Evelyn f2f and it was a special pleasure because I learned so much from her in this year's EVO session, "Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom".

After the presentation, Evelyn and I went with Vance looking for a sandwich shop. It turned out to be a kind of serial lunch. Vance got his sandwich and had to race back to the CC for a 1:00 session. I got my sandwich (grilled cheese on white--New Orleans is NOT a good town for vegetarians!) and ate it while Evelyn waited for her sandwich, which finally arrived when I had finished mine.

The weather is just beautiful, in the low eighties F and sunny, so it was lovely to be outside.

At 2:00 Veronica and I went to Claire's session on "Building the Right Scaffolding for Writing", which was really more on her project for an ESL online writing lab, ESLWOW (handout at ).

Following that at 3:00 we both had tickets to Vance Stevens' Mini-Workshop at the EV, "Collaborative Writing Using Google Docs and Tagging in Delicious."  This was very useful because I learned how to publish a google doc and how to search Delicious for other people's bookmarks, features I was unaware of although I have been using both applications for several years.

I was not feeling well, so I came back to the room to rest a bit before dinner but made the mistake of turning on my computer, so I did not rest, blogged instead but as I mentioned above lost the post anyway. Went back to the CALL-IS business meeting and then a group of webhead women (Claire, Veronica, Jane, Laine, Mary and I) and 1 friend (Dorinda) made use of a reservation at Cochon, a Cajun restaurant around the corner from the Springhill Suites. Again, not a stellar choice for a vegetarian (LOTS of pork, some seafood) but the atmosphere was great, the service attentive if slow, and the food delicious (I had a baked potato and a salad and shared a decadent double chocolate pudding cake). At ten, straight back to the hotel and slept nine hours.


  1. Hmm, really it was more about scaffolding, but that's OK, Nina. :-)

  2. Was it? What I remember most is the ESL WOW!

  3. For Nina and Veronica:

    You might remember the discussion during my presentation about robots in South Korea. It turns out that you were talking about telepresence robots, probably these:

    while I was talking about these:

    which are real robots.