Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating the Blog

Creating this blog has been on my to-do list for a while. I am not sure how I became the de facto wiki-and-blog-creator for webheads at TESOL Conventions, but somehow I did.  You can check out previous versions:

There is also a kind of "planning wiki" for this year's Convention. That site is designed for attendees and includes contact information, webheads' presentations information, a roommate search page and webheads dinners.  If you are going to New Orleans, please join the wiki and the blog. If you are staying home, then the blog is for you.


  1. Gaps in the old blogs are due to the demise of BubbleShare and serve as a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

  2. Thanks for doing this again, Nina. It's always interesting to follow our conference adventures in this way. The photographs of the good times are particularly welcome.

  3. Hi Nina, thanks again for doing this. I'm posting this in the air as I approach New Orleans and I look forward to writing in the wiki as soon as I'm permitted. Also looking forward to seeing you and others in New Orleans.

  4. Hey you guys, remember this is a team effort, so don't limit yourself to commenting on my posts!