Saturday, March 26, 2011


New Orleans appearing out of an early-morning fog on the Mississippi
Hitching posts in the French Quarter
There are many small parks with statues--this is Benjamin Franklin.
A gilt statue of Joan of Arc donated by Charles de Gaulle to the people of New Orleans. Apparently it is affectionately called "Joanie on a pony."
My favourite store sign--it reminds me of the student who asked me if I could recommend a curse!
The founders of New Orleans--the French, the Jesuit, and the Native American.
The Creole Queen--a diesel powered river boat.
The steam calliope on the Natchez--it played while people were waiting to board for a cruise.
The only steam-powered river boat left on the Mississippi--the Natchez. Note the guy in the foreground--he could hold these poses for ever!


Nellie in the French Quarter
Terry, Vance, Nellie, & Keith
We did catch up with the St. Joseph's Day parade in the French quarter later in the evening--it wound it's way through densely packed streets. It was an assault on the sentences--the floats with the backdrop of the garish neon signs of the French Quarter, the noise that reverberated through the narrow streets, and the smells of alcohol and baking. We finally found a small outdoor restaurant.


All the girls appeared demure--lots of white dresses with red and green touches.
A float getting ready--most of them seemed to have commercial sponsorship.
Just two days after St. Patrick's Day, it was time for another parade--St. Joseph's Day--which is ostensibly an Italian-American celebration. Despite the name, it didn't appear to have too much to do with religion! The pictures of the floats are from the pre-parade afternoon. The garters on the men's arms are to put on girls legs later on in return for a kiss.
Decorated horse-drawn tourist carriage.
A latter-day Roman Chariot perhaps!


Jeff, Vance, Aiden, Nina and Tom
Dinner at Mulate's--Tom joined us for his one and only evening in New Orleans. We had met Evelyn for the first time earlier that day, and she also managed to find us that evening.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday at the EVO session in EV

Marcela and Malcolm - EVO Moderators for Reflection & Practice Session w/Laine

Sandra and Laine (note the new webheads T-shirt w/logo!

Thurs night dinner photos

Proof that Tom stopped by! Jane and Veronica delighted!

Claire, Laine & Mary

Veronica, Nina and Claire perusing the menu -
options included alligator, pork cheeks, and other "chochon" choices. Yummy!